“We’ve had a chance to use your sample and it worked surprisingly well and quickly and had no issues with enticing the dog to take it. I’m looking forward to rolling this out as an option to our clients.”

Paws Pet PadWorks fast

Our pup came from the breeder riddled with Giardia. Nothing we tried -- three different drugs in various combinations, specialty food, raw food -- nothing would cure the diarrhea. Even after testing negative for the parasite, she still had foul-smelling soft stools and/or diarrhea for months. Finally, our vet suggested giving this a try. It's been the only thing that has allowed her to have formed stools. They're still soft but it's leaps beyond where she was. And even though she turns up her nose at most food and nearly every medicine, she slurped this down eagerly. Wow. Only wish it came in larger, more cost-effective sizes. Great product for us!

A LynnOnly thing that helped months-long diarrhea

My 13 year old GoldenDoodle has been having a very difficult time with digestion and after trying product after product, supplements, etc. this has been THE ONLY THING THAT WORKED! I now keep it stocked at my home since I never know when he will have issues. This has literally been the only product that has helped and gotten him back on his feet. It is worth every penny and having in your home. I am very grateful to have found this!

BeccaThis Is A Life Saver!

A total life saver! Our black lab was experiencing some severe gastrointestinal distress and diarrhea—she was so uncomfortable. We gave her one of the three doses of DoggyStat in the box and like magic she was happy, healthy, and diarrhea free in just a few hours. In just a few hours! It even worked better than any antibiotic the vet has ever prescribed her in the past!

Scott M.A life saver for our black lab!

This works. I had tried several other medications for my dog. She actually liked this one and would drink it. Just as others have said, this works after 1-2 doses.

Aaron H.This works!

Tried several other medicines (less expansive), they didn't work. Finally used this. it works right away.

WayneIt really works