What is DoggyStat?

DoggyStat is an all-natural food supplement that resolves common dog and cat diarrhea infections.
A single serving typically restores normal function with 12 hours. It’s safe, effective and fast acting.

What are the ingredients?

Simplified, the DoggyStat ingredients are powdered eggs and milk.
DoggyStat is made from the eggs of hens that have been exposed to common canine pathogens (viruses and bacteria). The hens develop antibodies (proteins) to fight those pathogens and pass these antibodies into their eggs. The eggs powdered are
mixed with bovine colostrum (enriched cows’ milk), which helps protect the antibodies as they travel through the stomach to the intestine where they can have the intended effect of neutralizing the pathogens causing diarrhea.

How does it work?

DoggyStat uses a natural process called passive immunity to neutralize pathogens in the gut causing diarrhea.
Antibodies targeted against several common canine pathogens are gown in chicken eggs and mixed with bovine colostrum for protection from stomach acid.
The antibodies work with the dog’s system to neutralize the pathogens causing diarrhea

What’s the difference between antibiotics and the antibodies in DoggyStat?

Antibiotics are chemical compounds used to kill bacteria. When used to treat diarrhea, antibiotics wipe out all bacteria in the gut, stripping the gut of good bacteria necessary for nutrient absorption in the intestines.
Antibodies are targeted proteins that bind to specific pathogens (viruses or bacteria) the body recognizes as foreign or alien. The targeted antibodies in DoggyStat work with the dog’s system to neutralize specific pathogens without damaging the good bacteria in the gut

What pathogens does DoggyStat work against?

The pathogens DoggyStat is effective against account for ~85% of canine diarrhea cases (the other 15% are due to parasites, allergies and chronic GI issues which DoggyStat does not treat)

DoggyStat contains targeted antibodies against: C. Perfringens, Campylobacter, Coronavirus, E. coli, Salmonella, Rotavirus, Parvovirus

This list includes pathogens involved in stress-induced diarrhea as well.

When won’t DoggyStat work?

Diarrhea caused by parasites or allergies
• Dogs with allergies to eggs or milk
• Using DoggyStat is an inexpensive, do-no-harm first
option to eliminate the “usual suspects” (bacteria
and\viruses) as possible causes of diarrhea

What if it doesn’t work?

DoggyStat has a money back guarantee.
• Consumers can contact DoggyStat customer support
to take advantage of this offer.
• If DoggyStat doesn’t work we recommend a visit to
the vet, as the cause of diarrhea is likely not due to a
viral or bacterial infection.

Does it cure the pet of the bacteria/virus?

DoggyStat stops the diarrhea associated with the
• We have not conducted the post-trial testing to see
if the virus is eliminated but it is believed that the
virus likely remains in miniscule amounts which the
pet’s own immune system is capable of managing.

Can DoggyStat cause stools to become too firm (constipation)?

No DoggyStat does not cause constipation
• Any DoggyStat that isn’t used by the body will simply
pass through the dog’s system the same as other
• Dogs don’t get constipation from eating too many
treats or getting into a bag of food, it’s the same
with DoggyStat

Can DoggyStat be used prophylactically to prevent diarrhea?

Our current clinical trials are evaluating this; thus,
we don’t yet have data to determine but
• Anecdotally, we have heard from customers that
DoggyStat can be used to prevent stress-induced
diarrhea and diarrhea caused as a side-effect of

Who is Anubis Bio?

We are a new aninmal health microbiome company.
• We are leveraging a technology that is proven to be
safe and effective in humans and we are now
bringing that innovation to pets.


Is it safe?

Yes, DoggyStat is made of powdered eggs and milk

The FDA categorizes both these ingredients and Generally Regarded as Safe or the acronym GRAS. GRAS ingredients have been commonly used for so long that they do not need to be tested like new pharmaceuticals for safety

Does it require a prescription?

No, DoggyStat is made of egg and bovine colostrum (cow’s milk) both are GRAS ingredients and do not require a prescription.
Over the counter availability is one of the many advantages DoggyStat has over other options such as antibiotics and prescription food/probiotics.

Do you have any clinical studies?

Yes, Dr. Cherice Roth was the lead investigator in our initial efficacy trial that established 9 out of 10 dogs responded within 12 hours. This was a multi-site study of dogs presenting with parvovirus and their diarrhea was eliminated overnight.
We are also partnering with the San Francisco SPCA and the Silicon Valley Humane Society on a larger trial that evaluates DoggyStat’s effectiveness for diarrhea treatment.


How should I dose DoggyStat?

Mix one pouch/sachet in a bit of water or food and feed to the dog.
Typically, one pouch is sufficient to relieve diarrhea in 12 – 24 hours
The extra pouches can be used for any subsequent episodes for various reasons like other virus activity or anxiety.

On average, dogs get diarrhea 3 times a year

Should I use all 3 sachets?

1 pouch should be enough in most cases however there is no risk of side effects or adverse events if additional pouches are delivered

We recommend using additional pouches as needed

Should I use 1⁄2 pack for smaller pets?

Our study to determine efficacy in parvo infected dogs utilized full sachets. We have not done any dose-titration studies so we recommend a full sachet as there is no over-dose risk.

Do I need to withhold food or water?

No, there is no need to withhold food or water
DoggyStat can be mixed with water or added to food, whatever is most convenient

What if my dog is too sick to eat or drink?

A food syringe can be used to administer DoggyStat mixed in water in liquid. This is the method used in our field trials with puppies diagnosed with parvo


How much does it cost?

Dealer cost for single boxes is $18, 10-packs retail at $17/box
MSRP is $29.95 per box
Each box contains three doses


$30 is too expensive

  • Three doses come in a box of DoggyStat, which is usually enough for three different episodes of diarrhea
  • $10 dose/episode is less expensive that the alternative antibiotic or probiotic options and saves the cost of an expensive vet visit
  • DoggyStat works faster and only requires a single dose as compared to antibiotic or probiotic options
  • There is no other option that relieves canine diarrhea this quickly (12-24 hours) at this price point ($10/dose)
  • DoggyStat works against pathogens responsible for over 85% of canine diarrhea. It’s the fastest, least expensive way to eliminate the “usual suspects” (bacteria and viruses) as possible causes making it a great do-no-harm first option

If this is so great why haven’t I heard about it? (Too good to be true)

  • Anubis Bio Corp is a new (18 months old) animal health microbiome company 18 months old
  • The technology is proven to be safe and effective in humans and is now being Passive immunity is used in a variety of ways to treat
    various human and animal ailments
  • Seeing is believing – try it, there’s a money back
  • Customer testimonials (see DoggyStat Testimonials

Antibiotics/probiotics work great, why would I switch?

  • DoggyStat is an all-natural option that typically only requires a single dose whereas antibiotics typically require a few doses and probiotics usually required continued use
  • DoggyStat works faster than antibiotics or probiotics which typically take a least 2-3 days to work
  • Antibiotics can be toxic and deadly if dosed incorrectly, DoggyStat has no risk of overdose or side effects
  • No expensive vet visits as required to obtain antibiotics or Rx probiotics

My dog is a fussy eater and won’t want DoggyStat/My dog is too sick to eat or drink

  • Generally, we’ve found that even fussy dogs will eat
    DoggyStat, they typically like the taste as it’s
    powdered eggs and milk
    • DoggyStat can be mixed with food or a dog’s favorite
    • DoggyStat can be mixed into a thin liquid and
    administered with a food syringe (or turkey baster) if

Mixing the powder in water is a pain (Vets)

  • DoggyStat can be mixed with food or a dog’s favorite treat Small amounts of water can be used to make an edible paste
  • Most dogs happily consume DoggyStat, there is no need to force feed pills or squirt gels down their throats