DoggyStat – 5 grams


Veterinarian tested probiotic style supplement for Dog diarrhea relief. DoggyStat supports your dogs GI tract to relieve canine diarrhea. DoggyStat works with your pet’s immune system to subdue diarrhea symptoms within 24 hours.

EFFECTIVE HOME TREATMENT – Pet owners can now respond to pet diarrhea at home as soon as it’s needed!
SAVE TIME AND MONEY AT HOME – Help your pet at home whenever it’s needed without the hassle or expense of a vet visit!
FASTER AND MORE EFFECTIVE – Better than probiotics, home remedies, and traditional treatments.

DoggyStat is a all natural, probiotic style, patent pending supplement that is effective at relieving your pets diarrhea symptoms. By working with your pets natural immune system, DoggyStat neutralizes toxins and pathogens that produce diarrhea. Just mix the delicious tasting DoggyStat powder into water and serve to your pet to help your dog get rid of their upset stomach. In as little as 24 hours, your pet could be diarrhea free, and be back to doing what they love! DoggyStat is proudly made in Orlando, Florida by Anubis Bio Corp, a microbiome therapeutics company focused on helping pets fighting GI infections rapidly return to health.

DoggyStat is safe. No antibiotics. No synthetic molecules. Gluten-free. No reported side effects. Only natural ingredients that provide systemic factors to support your pet’s immune system and provide essential protein to the GI tract. Simply mix DoggyStat powder with water and feed to your pet.

  • Natural supplement to help with your Dog’s Diarrhea symptoms
  • Effective! Works Quickly! Gets your dog back to normal within 24 hours
  • Easy to use, mix with your dog’s water or food to get relieve for your dog’s diarrhea woes!
  • All Natural. No antibiotics nor synthetic molecules
  • Soothes Your Dog’s Upset Stomach Better Than Probiotics.
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